We are closed.

This is Cricklewood Restaurant as of Monday 10/9/2017. We are shell shocked, heartbroken and beyond Sad. We didn't grab the reservations book on our way out...so we can't call you personally to let you know we aren't there.

Sorry about this abrupt ending to 42 years of being a part of your lives. We love you and will miss you. The outpouring of love and concern has been overwhelming.

Thank you all so much!

-- Lynette and Michael

Best Thing I Ever Ate

Guy Fieri recommends Cricklewood French Onion Soup on Food Networks BEST. EVER.  Watch the video on our about page.

Posted on behalf of Cricklewood

Early on Monday morning, the Tubbs fire ravaged Calistoga & Santa Rosa before spreading to other parts of Sonoma County. The fires spread so quickly, many residents had no option but to pile into their cars & drive, leaving their homes & businesses to burn.

Lynette & Michael O'Brien were 2 of these residents; Sunday night they were serving their guests their famous Prime Rib at their restaurant, Cricklewood. Cricklewood has been a Santa Rosa favorite for 42 years; but by Monday morning, it was completely destroyed. In addition to this tragedy, this hard-working couple also lost their home; they were only able to save the family cats & grab some clothes before leaving everything behind & driving to safety.

In one night they lost everything, yet Lynette & Michael's first thought was for their 24 staff members who no longer have an income & for their guests in Cricklewood's reservation book who may have no way of knowing their anniversary dinners can no longer take place at the restaurant. I was working with them on Cricklewood's social media pages & was in direct contact with Lynette after the fire; it was truly admirable how selfless & grateful she was when many people would have simply given up hope. Even after suffering deep personal losses, Lynette & Michael cared for others before themselves.

This campaign is to help these Santa Rosa restaurateurs until they can get back on their feet; with no income, their primary concern is for the bare necessities. Any money raised here will help them buy groceries, cat food, toiletries, and carry them until they can find a new place to call home. Their need is immediate and any amount will help greatly. Please consider donating to this deserving couple.