black angus prime rib
Cricklewood’s specialty, slow-roasted to bring out the flavor
11-12 ounces, prime rib at its finest
7-8 ounces, for the smaller appetite
22 ounces, including the bone
black angus steaks
aged, hand-trimmed, charbroiled
top sirloin
7-8 ounce $22/ 11-12 ounce $27
most flavor
new york strip
9 ounce $26/ 12 ounce $31
between the top & filet in tenderness & flavor
filet mignon
7 ounce $28/ 10 ounce $34
most tender
14 ounce $34
teriyaki beef kabob
9 ounces filet, marinated then charbroiled on a skewer with pepper, tomato, pineapple, and onion
barbequed prime rib bones
three bones $15/ four bones $18/ five bones $22
oven charred, basted with barbeque sauce (allow 20 minutes)
chicken breast or pasta of the day
different ways on different days (teriyaki always available)
all entrées include: franco american sourdough, soup or salad, plus your choice of baked potato, rice pilaf or fresh vegetables
fresh salmon
charbroiled salmon steak
maine lobster tail
5-6 ounce oven baked, served with drawn butter
maine lobster tail
add to any entrée
jumbo prawns
Six prawns $21/ Four prawns $18/
your choice of oven baked or tempura battered
jumbo prawns
Six prawns $18/ Four prawns $15
add to any entrée
on the lighter side
pasta primavera
fresh veggies, marinara or garlic butter
fresh vegetable plate
choice of rice or baked potato
with caramelized onions, cheese or pesto
side orders
fabulous french onion soup au gratin
allow 20 minutes
“spectacular” onion rings
we make our own
sautéed mushrooms
with or without garlic
garlic bread
Cricklewood’s own garlic butter
baked potato
sour cream, butter, real bacon & green onions
rice pilaf
celery, onion, diced red peppers & wild rice
always fresh, lightly steamed
coffee, tea, sodas, milk or juice

Meat Temperature

Rare: cold red center
Medium rare: warm red center
Medium: warm pink center
Medium well: hot brown/pink center